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Junior Sales Representative

Each week a specific sector for prospecting will be set by the Sales Director, the Sales Director will fully brief the team on the weekly prospecting task and will also produce a pre-written email and presentation for the representative to send once contact has been made.

The position requires the Junior Sales Representative to complete the first two stages within our CRM platform called Pipedrive.

These stages being:

Stage 1. Prospecting

Full Company Name and Postal Address

Website Address

Company Director Names

Marketing Manager (decision maker on advertising budget spending) Name, Email and phone number.

Stage 2. Reach Out

The representative will be given a pre-made presentation made specifically for the prospecting sector of that week.

The representative will send the presentation via a platform which allows the Junior Sales Representative to see when the presentation has been opened.

Once the presentation has been opened and reached a certain level of engagement the company and contact are now a qualified lead and will then be handed over to a senior sales representative by the Junior Sales Rep with a full briefing note.

ADVFN PLC, established for over 20 years ago, is based in the heart of the City Of London and is a global market leader for private investors to gain information on the financial markets. From traditional stocks and shares information to the cutting edge and dynamic world of CryptoCurrencies, ADVFN prides itself as being best in class for data, news and for the most active discussions forums in the world for private investors.

ADVFN receives in excess of 1 billion page views a year from 37 million active private investors. One of the most attractive demographics for high end brands, brokerage service providers


Completed High School Education or higher

Work from office - 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday

Part time possible


Salary - $20,000

Commission of $5 per qualified lead

Commission of $50 for first sale made to each of the Junior Sales Representative's qualified leads

Clear path of progression from Junior Sales Representative, to Sales Representative to Sales Manager.

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